Construction on Dunkirk between 64th and HPA

Construction on Dunkirk between 64th and HPA will continue through mid-September.

The city of Denver is burying a waterline and connecting the gas lines that were placed there at the end of the 2018-2019 school year.

Mid to late September construction will be completed and we will have some access to the dirt west of the school.

  1. Arrival and dismissal safety:

U-turns on Dunkirk are prohibited. Do not make a U-turn on Dunkirk.

Use crosswalks rather than walking through the parking lot. Crossing guards are at each crosswalk.

Stay off cellphones while driving through the parking lot. Distracted drivers are a safety hazard.

  1. Morning Drop Off:

Avoid the rush! – Drop your child off at 7:30 am on the playground.

Families have two drop off choices

    •  1) drive through the carpool lane and drop your child off at the curb.
    • 2) park your car in a designated parking spot and drop your child off.
      • The carpool lane is much faster.

To keep the flow of carpool drop off, always pull as far forward as you can before dropping your child off.

Your child must get out on the passenger side of the car.

Parents need to stay in their car when dropping off their child in the carpool lane.

Thank you for your attention and support during arrival and dismissal.

HPA Staff

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