Media Literacy and Technology Teacher


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Media Literacy and Technology Teacher               6750 N Dunkirk St, Aurora, CO 80019


Job Description



      Position: Media Literacy and Technology Teacher


      Reach. Empower. Achieve.

      High Point Academy is seeking educators inspired to reach, empower, and achieve greatness.


      At HPA…

      We REACH each child every single day.

      We EMPOWER students and staff to maximize their learning and growth;

      To ACHIEVE more than thought possible.


      At High Point Academy, we understand that powerful learning only happens with strong relationships between students, staff, and families. Our mission is to provide a strong foundation of academic excellence in partnership with family and community in which each individual is challenged to achieve his/her highest potential academically, socially, and personally.


      High Point Academy is a charter school serving students preschool through 8th grade. Located in Aurora, CO, just north of Green Valley Ranch (10 minutes from Denver International Airport), HPA serves an ethnically diverse student population which includes 26% linguistically diverse students and 54% of students that qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch. HPA is an award-winning wellness school whose curriculum and classes promote healthy lifestyle choices.



      All employees of High Point Academy work together to achieve HPA’s mission.  In addition to the duties and responsibilities listed below, we seek teachers who are collaborative with colleagues, empathetic in their relationships with students and families, and willing to work above and beyond their job description in order to ensure success for students.  HPA teachers possess a school-wide focus and are able to see beyond their classroom in order to create a unified HPA community.


      Duties and Responsibilities:

      1. Conducts an organized and professional classroom.
        1. Implements rigorous and highly engaging standards based instruction.
        2. Has an unwavering belief that all children can and want to learn.
        3. Supports all students including students who are linguistically diverse and who have an IEP or 504 plan.
        4. Develops and implements curriculum to ensure student mastery of Colorado state standards.
        5. Maintains curriculum to ensure the needs of students are met.
        6. Demonstrates exceptional instructional practices.
        7. Collaborates with other faculty in delivery of appropriate instructional approaches, working to serve the various learning styles and needs of all students.
        8. Models and fosters independent thinking skills, creative problem solving, and abstract reasoning.
        9. Shows empathy and understand of students.
        10. Creates a safe learning environment where each child excels.
      2. Supports students and families by developing strong relationships to ensure student success.
        1. Assesses student performance frequently and objectively to drive instruction.
        2. Communicates consistently and effectively with students and parents.
      1. Follows policies established by the High Point Academy governing board and administration.
      2. Participates in and contributes to programs and activities that enhance High Point Academy outside of instructional hours, such as extracurricular activities, leadership positions, and/or the enrollment process.
      3. Actively participate in the HPA technology committee.
      1. Plays a key role in creating HPA’s vision for technology use.
      2. Sees the possibilities of technology use for students and staff.
      3. Remains current on technology trends and digital citizenship.
      4. Assists teachers in incorporating technology into their curriculum and teaching.
      5. Provides students authentic, real-world opportunities to engage with technology.
      6. Ensures that students understand internet safety, appropriate internet use, and are digital citizens.
      1. Other duties as assigned.


      Required Qualifications:

      • A./B.S. or higher required in the specific content area (e.g. B.A. in History or related field when applying for Social Studies position)
      • Must meet the requirements of a Highly Qualified teacher as mandated by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA)
      • Previous successful teaching experience
      • Experience with educational technology
      • Expert-level written and oral communication skills
      • Entrepreneurial outlook and charter school commitment
      • Ability to work collaboratively
      • Strong self-starter; able to work with limited direction


      Preferred Qualifications:

      • Experience leading technology initiatives and professional development
      • Experience in and knowledge of charter schools
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