Preschool Director


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Preschool Director              6750 N Dunkirk St, Aurora, CO 80019


Job Description

Reach. Empower. Achieve.

High Point Academy is seeking a Preschool Director inspired to reach, empower, and achieve greatness.


We REACH each child every single day.

We EMPOWER students and staff to maximize their learning and growth;

To ACHIEVE more than thought possible



At High Point Academy, we understand that powerful learning only happens with strong relationships between students, staff, and families. Our mission is to provide a strong foundation of academic excellence in partnership with family and community in which each individual is challenged to achieve his/her highest potential academically, socially, and personally.

High Point Academy is a charter school serving students preschool through 8th grade. Located in Aurora, CO, just north of Green Valley Ranch (10 minutes from Denver International Airport), HPA serves an ethnically diverse student population which includes 26% linguistically diverse students and 54% of students that qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch. HPA is an award-winning wellness school whose curriculum and classes promote healthy lifestyle choices


Position Overview:

The preschool director is responsible for supporting and leading an efficient and effectively run preschool that promotes learning and personal growth in students aged 4 & 5 years old. He/she is an instructional leader and teaches in the preschool (3 hours/day) to support fidelity to the program and lead teachers in their planning. He/she oversees all preschool classrooms and teachers and ensures the highest quality instruction.

The director works to establish strong rapport with students and good relationships with parents and other staff members. The preschool director manages the development and implementation of all preschool curriculum, assessments, and benchmarks in accordance with High Point Academy and licensing guidelines in order to provide a strong foundation for kindergarten and primary grades.

The preschool director should be familiar with all school procedures and have a basic knowledge of the full range of age groups (pre-K- though 8th). Familiarity and commitment to the school philosophy and mission is essential.


Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Inspirational and able to lead a team of committed and passionate educators in support of student growth and learning. Develops a professional learning community amongst the preschool team so that staff is engaged, supported, and motivated to ensure student success.
    1. Responsible for ensuring personal and professional leadership growth through biweekly meetings with the Executive Director and by implementing any new ideas, techniques regarding best practices.


  1. Develops and implements curriculum and assessment according to curriculum

guidelines of High Point Academy, the Colorado Preschool Program, the Denver Preschool Program, and licensing requirements.

  1. Directs the use of ongoing curriculum evaluation and development

to best meet the needs of students.

  1. Fosters development of prosocial skills and preliterate skills in children.
  2. Models and fosters independent thinking skills, creative problem

solving and abstract reasoning

  1. Shows empathy and understanding of students
  1. Develops, with preschool teachers, parents and students, a cooperative partnership based on mutual respect and objectivity.
    1. Facilitates resolution of problems that might arise with students and parents
    2. Communicates consistently and effectively with students and parents


  1. Manages and motivates a team of teachers.
    1. Manage the schedule for preschool teachers, including the daily schedule

with plans for breaks and planning, prepares purposeful professional development, and oversees the yearly schedule with events and meetings.

  1. Develop the professional development schedule, including coordinating

with outside providers to support growth and goals in the preschool and K-8.

  1. Evaluate the performance of the preschool teachers and provide the necessary support and coaching to support the learning and growth of each teacher. Provides feedback through ongoing classroom observations
  2. Responsible for coordinating with HR in recruiting, employment, training, terminating, directing and evaluating staff. Specifically leading the hiring of preschool teachers and preschool assistants. Developing onboarding plans for new staff that ensure a successful transition into the High Point Academy community.
  3. Organize substitute coverage for preschool teachers when they take paid time off and ensure efficiency in the daily schedule so that the team does not accrue overtime unnecessarily.
  4. Represent the team as a leader; share the voice of the preschool with Administration and the leadership team.
  5. Share the voice of the leadership team with the preschool and find ways

to put plans into action.


  1. Be the lead and point of contact for preschool in regard to enrollment, grants, funding, licensing, and quality reviews or site visits.
    1. Work with the enrollment coordinator to facilitate and review preschool

enrollment to ensure preschool is fully enrolled each year.

  1. Work with the Director of Finance and Development to ensure funding, including DPP and CPP and ECARE
  2. Work with the school’s CPP coordinator to facilitate and review CPP

qualification and disbursement.

  1. Lead Colorado Shines reviews.
  2. Keep licensing information up to date and ensure compliance in the

preschool program.

  1. Coordinate site visits from all external partners.


  1. Follows policies established by the High Point Academy governing board and



  1. Participates in and contributes to programs and activities that enhance High Point

Academy outside of instructional hours, such as extracurricular activities, leadership positions, and/or the enrollment process


  1. Other duties as assigned


Required Qualifications:


  • Director qualified
  • Entrepreneurial outlook and charter school commitment
  • Ability to work collaboratively
  • Strong self-starter; able to work with limited direction


Preferred Qualifications:


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Child Development preferred but not required.
  • A minimum of one-year experience as a Preschool Director or previous successful preschool teaching experience.
  • Experience with Teaching Strategies Gold and the Colorado Preschool Program
  • Experience with Colorado Shines
  • Experience in and knowledge of charter schools
  • Experience working with linguistically diverse populations and populations that may qualify for financial assistance





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