UPDATED…Virtual Summer School is HERE!!

High Point Academy Presents…

Virtual Summer School



  • At High Point Academy we care about our students and want to provide 6 weeks of FREE Virtual Summer School.
  • Families are invited to review and select a class from PreK-8th grade the list below.
  • Just click on the Google Classroom link and start learning today! It’s that easy.
  • Our Highly Qualified teachers will be posting new lessons every week.
  • Students can receive help by virtually connecting with teachers via ZOOM meetings.
  • Join us today for continuous learning and avoid the summer slide

  • If you can’t access the Google Classroom with the link provided, follow these steps:
  • When you click the link and receive that message, click on “Back to Classes”
  • On the top right hand corner you will see a + sign… click on it.
  • Select “Join Class” and enter the classroom codes one at a time.

PreK-Kinder Reading, Writing, Math:  Mrs. Miller

Dive into a gnarly learning experience! Exciting activities will help obtain and retain basic skills and knowledge. We will jump into the magic of Reading, Writing, Math and STEAM through review, activities, and interactive resources.

1st Reading, Writing, Math:  Ms. Waters

Are you ready to do some virtual camping in the Colorado Mountains!  Learn about our amazing state, the animals that live here! Learn how to make S’mores, write spooky campfire stories, and make some awesome crafts!  Then in July we are going to turn in our tents for Rocket Ships and blast off for some awesome learning!  Moon journals, moon sand, astronauts and the amazing Solar System!

2nd-3rd Reading and Writing:  Ms. Epp

Welcome to your summer reading and writing classroom.  This classroom is set up for students in 2nd or 3rd grade although there are resources that might be fun for the whole family to participate.  I hope to see many of you pop in and find something fun to read or fun to write about.

2nd-3rd Math:  Ms. Roles

Do you know what geometry is? How does it relate to our world? Join me to discover the beauties of geometry together! Students will learn that there is so much more to shapes than what it looks like and apply their understandings of geometry to their own life.

4th-5th  Reading and Writing:  Ms. Bongard

We will be taking a deep dive into the novel Wonder by R. J. Palacio! A PDF copy of the book has been provided in Google Classroom as well as an audio link.  Students will complete 30 minutes of reading each day as well as the corresponding comprehension questions.

 4th-5th Math:  Mrs. Scott

This Summer we will focus on reviewing multiplication! One-digit by two-digit, one-digit by three-digit, one-digit by four-digit, and two-digit by two-digit multiplication! Get ready! Let’s go!

6th Reading and Writing:  Ms. Cummins

Students will engage in reading various passages and complete 4 days of comprehension questions, which will include vocabulary, prediction, recalling what the text is mainly about and using the text to answer questions. I’m looking forward to working with the sixth graders!

6th-7th Math: Mrs. Thomas

We will cover a variety of 6th and 7th grade math concepts! A new topic will be posted each week with resources such as YouTube videos to make the math visual, practice problems from various texts and a connection to related CMAS released items to increase understanding.

 6th– 8th Social Studies: Mr. Li

Students will develop critical thinking skills pertaining to any and all economic decisions they make as they move forward. We will be starting with the general idea of economics and then move into real world applications such as buying your first car, applying for college, buying a house.

 7th-8th Reading and Writing:  Ms. DelRoss

Inspiring a love of learning using pop culture!  Join us on our mission to inspire a love of learning, increase literacy, celebrate diversity and build community through the tools of popular culture and self-expression.  Students will have the opportunity to zoom through the cosmos with Scott Carpenter, relive the Titanic tragedy through the eyes of Molly Brown, ride to Washington D.C. with Madeleine Albright, celebrate victory with John Elway, and learn so much more about the “colorful” state of Colorado and beyond.

Teacher Office Hours ZOOM Link: Tuesday 9:00-10:00am and Thursdays 2:00-3:00pm




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