When planning your trip to High Point Academy, we do not recommend using your GPS or an online mapping program. Because we’re located in a new neighborhood, these programs may not recognize our location and may send you in the wrong direction.

From Downtown Denver

  • Take I-70 East from Denver.
  • Merge onto Pena Blvd (as if you were headed to Denver International Airport).
  • Exit 56th Ave. and turn right on 56th Ave.
  • Turn left on Tower Rd.
  • Turn right on 64th Ave.
  • Turn left on Dunkirk St.
  • You will see our building ahead on the right

Please feel free to call the school office at (303) 217 – 5152 if you have questions or find yourself lost. We look forward to your visit!


6750 N Dunkirk St., Aurora, CO 80019



(303) 217-5152


(303) 217-5153


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