Guiding Principles

  • Our primary focus is on achieving the highest academic standards.
  • We foster a family-centered learning environment, including active and substantial parental involvement at all levels.
  • We encourage and facilitate parental and community review of measurable school results in all areas of focus (academics, social, environmental, etc.)
  • We provide a rigorous curriculum that ensures mastery of state standards. We use a scope and sequence which is aligned with state standards and has a specific emphasis on language arts, including classic literature, history and geography, visual arts, music, math, and science.
  • We provide a diverse range of specials including Spanish, wellness, physical education/fitness, art, and technology to ensure development of well-rounded students.
  • We provide proven social development programs and strictly enforce our school policies to ensure a safe and secure environment at all times.
  • All students participate in service learning programs to increase confidence and self-esteem and to raise students’ community awareness and sense of civic responsibility.
  • We utilize school uniforms to minimize parents’ costs and to ensure that students focus less on outward appearances and more on character.
  • We ensure that students develop life management skills and that they demonstrate personal responsibility in order to prepare them for success in future academic endeavors in high school and beyond.
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