Preschool (Pre-Kindergarten) Program at High Point Academy

Preschool Purpose and Philosophy

High Point Academy’s preschool program provides young children with a high-quality education. Students develop the ability to: appreciate diversity, interact appropriately with others (including classmates and teachers), and become leaders. They also will develop specific skills necessary to be successful academically.

HPA believes in meeting the needs of all children in a respectful and positive way. Families are included in all aspects of the program. Curriculum and learning activities are developmentally appropriate. We provide a balance of child-directed and teacher-directed learning activities.

Preschool core values are keenly focused on:

● Nurturing the love of learning through opportunities to engage in spontaneous, meaningful activities that are focused on best practice and developmentally engaging curriculum that prepares
students through developing a love of learning through play.
● An enriching environment where classrooms are well organized by curriculum area and meticulously maintained. The teacher monitors the child’s progress though observation and extensive record-keeping.
● Self-discipline develops when learning is an exciting process of discovery, supporting concentration and intrinsic motivation.
● Holistic education that focuses on a child’s academics, creativity, physical and social growth.

High Point Academy’s Preschool (Pre-kindergarten) program currently holds a Colorado Shines

Rating of 4 Stars – a highly rated program in the Far Northeast area of Denver/Aurora. Colorado Shines is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of early learning education in Colorado. High Point Academy’s program has a Colorado Shines rating of four out of four stars!

High Point Academy offers a Pre-Kindergarten program

Please note that all preschoolers must be at least four years old and potty-trained, unless there is a documented medical condition.


5 full day-$695.00 per month

3 full day-$417.00 per month

2 full day-$278.00 per month

Tuition Assistance Options

High Point Academy participates in the Colorado Preschool Program and the Denver Preschool Program to help qualifying families pay for preschool. For more information about tuition assistance options- please contact Preschool Director, Tabitha Cardin at email: or (303) 217 -5152.


Monday – Early Release: 8:00am – 1:00pm
Tuesday – Friday: 8:00am – 3:30pm

Pre-K opens their exterior doors at 7:45am for students to come in and enjoy a free breakfast. HPA’s preschool is closed during school holidays and occasional professional development days, according to the preschool calendar.

Registration and Admission

Parents wishing to enroll their children in HPA’s preschool must complete the required admission papers. These forms include a statement that must be signed by a physician and a copy of your child’s immunization records. These forms must be updated annually, and must be provided annually. Students who do not have the required paperwork will be dis-enrolled from the program. It is the families responsibility to ensure that their students health forms are current and up to date (for help with preschool health forms please contact Preschool Director Tabitha at For enrollment/registration forms and information please see:

Annual Hearing, Vision and Dental Screening for every Preschool student

HPA documents that each child has received a hearing, vision and dental screening through the enrollment and new student orientation process, if they have not we recommend community resources in getting those completed. Additionally, we offer a once a year free screening for all HPA students including pre-k.


Sunscreen Per Colorado rules regulating child care centers, sunscreen provided by HPA from Rocky Mountain Sunscreen at SPF 30 or higher will be applied to exposed skin for all children prior to outside play per manufacture directions. HPA requests that parents take the time to thoroughly apply sunscreen to your child before arriving at the school for the day, as experts recommend application should take place at least 30 minutes prior to exposure.

Meals and Snacks

High Point Academy does provide free breakfast meals daily in our preschool program. Parents must provide their student with a protein, fruit/vegetable for a morning snack and an afternoon snack. Students may opt to bring their lunch from home that includes at least one- protein, fruit, and vegetable or students may opt to buy lunch from the school through the DPS school lunch program. HPA participates in the Federal Free and Reduced Lunch Program, so please contact the office for questions. It is parent’s responsibility to fill out the application and receive the letter via email from DPS, HPA does not manage the FRL program.

We ask that each student bring two snacks (one on Wednesday), lunch with a protein (or buy lunch), and a water bottle to school every day. Please make sure your child’s snack adheres to our Preschool Wellness Policy and be sure to view our list of acceptable and unacceptable snack items. Please make sure our preschool staff is aware of any allergies that your student may have. There may be occasional times when students eat a special snack that enhances the preschool curriculum. We want snack to be a pleasant experience for all students. No child will be forced to eat and denial of food will never be used to discipline students.

Community Resources

Please see our family handbook for a list of helpful resources available to families ie; medical, insurance, food, housing, clothing resources.

For More Information…

Click to read:

Preschool Handbook
Preschool Wellness Policy
list of acceptable and unacceptable preschool snacks

For more information, contact Clarissa Barnett (303) 217-5152.

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