The first step in enrolling at High Point Academy is to submit an Intent to Enroll form. Click here to quickly and easily complete this form online and submit it electronically. Once the school receives this form, your child will be:

Immediately given the option to complete the enrollment process if current openings exist in his/her grade


Placed on a wait list for his/her grade level or the year that the child will begin kindergarten.
If more students complete “Intent to Enroll” letters than there are spaces available, a lottery, by grade, will be held. Click on the links for more information about the lottery and for Enrollment FAQ.

HPA Enrollment Policy

 Enrollment in High Point Academy (HPA) is determined by a lottery process. In order to have a fair lottery process, HPA abides by the following enrollment policy:

The first step in gaining admission to HPA is to submit an “Intent to Enroll” form. Once the Enrollment Coordinator receives this application (the intent to enroll form), your child will be placed on a waitlist for his/her grade level. Some applicants are given priority in the lottery. When openings occur in any grade level, the following enrollment process will be followed:

Priority for enrollment will be given to the following categories:

I. High Point Residents: Families who reside in the High Point Residential Communities will be enrolled with first preference in accordance with grade availability
a. The Grove, West End, Highline Park & Auden Green neighborhoods only
II. Governing Board: Children of current and former governing board members will be enrolled with next preference in accordance with grade availability.
III. Staff: Children of current staff members will be enrolled with next preference in accordance with grade availability.
IV. Siblings: Applicants who have a sibling attending HPA, and has been continuously enrolled from October 1st of the previous year, will be enrolled with next preference in accordance with grade availability.
V. General: All other applicants will be enrolled having next preference in accordance with grade availability
a. When a new family has more than one child in the lottery and one of the children has been accepted, the remaining sibling(s) will be given next preference in accordance with grade availability.

When a lottery draw is conducted, the Enrollment Coordinator utilizes a computerized number generator to randomly select numbers. Each “Intent to Enroll” form has a record ID number assigned at the time the form is electronically submitted. Enrollment is offered to the applicant whose record ID number matches the generated number. A new lottery is held every time an opening occurs, therefore giving each applicant an equal opportunity at being chosen.

Families are notified of acceptance by email and have 48 hours to accept the enrollment offer. If enrollment has not been confirmed and completed within this timeframe, the applicant will be returned to the waitlist and the opening will be offered to another child.

Please note that the HPA Governing Board reserves the right to alter this policy and will review this policy annually

Revised and approved by the HPA Governing Board, 6/18/2014

High Point Academy acknowledges the 1982 Supreme Court case of Plyler vs. Doe, which states that every child, no matter his or her immigration status, has the right to attend a U.S. public school from kindergarten through eighth grade.

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