Dress Code

High Point Academy Dress Code

All students at High Point Academy, with the exception of preschool, are required to wear uniforms.

Following are the specific guidelines for approved clothing items:

  • All articles of clothing should be neat, clean, correct size, and in good condition.
  • Short sleeve is defined as having at least two (2) inches of material beyond the shoulder seam line.
  • Long sleeved shirts that are worn under a uniform polo shirt must be solid in color and be one of the four uniform shirt colors (white, navy, hunter green, burgundy).
  • Shorts / Skorts / Dresses are to be no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee.
  • Regular gym/athletic shoes are required, as well as socks that match the uniform. Other appropriate dress shoes are allowed on days that students do not have physical education.
  • Parents are expected to monitor student dress to ensure compliance with the required uniform.
  • Students not meeting the expectations of the school dress code will be required to call home and have a change of clothes brought to them.

Unacceptable items include, but are not limited to:

  • Wheelie shoes / open toe shoes
  • Cargo pants
  • Oversized / baggy / tight-fitting / revealing / low-riding / suggestive clothing
  • Tank Tops

Dress Down Day specific guidelines:

  • All of the above-mentioned unacceptable items apply to Dress Down Days as well.

Outerwear: Heavy winter coats and jackets may be any style or color; however, they MUST be taken off in the classroom.

Specific grade-level requirements

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Item Description
Pants  Colors: Navy and Khaki, NO corduroy. NO cargo pants (pants with pockets on the legs)
Shorts/Skorts/Capris Colors: Navy and Khaki
Polo Shirt  Solid white, navy, hunter green, or burgundy, baby blue, long or short sleeve, knit without emblem. Must have either buttons or snaps that can close the shirt to the neck and collar. Must have a collar. “Husky” collared shirts are allowed any day of the week.
Vest Solid hunter green, navy, or burgundy, flat knit V-neck pullover
Turtleneck Solid hunter green, navy, or burgundy, long sleeve
Cardigan Solid hunter green, navy, or burgundy, flat knit button-down, long sleeve
Sweatshirt Solid white, hunter green, navy, or burgundy, crewneck. A collared shirt must be worn underneath sweatshirts
“Hoodies” ONLY High Point “Huskies” hoodies may be worn. No other hoodies allowed.
Shoes/socks/tights Socks and tights need to be solid in color and be one of the four uniform shirt colors.
Shoes  should be regular gym/athletic shoes.
Hats/headwear No hats of any kind may be worn inside the school building.
Jewelry/Nails/Makeup Should be conservative and not distract from student learning
Hair  Hair may not be dyed an unnatural color or be styled in a way that distracts from student learning
High Point mascot T-shirts and sweatshirts May only be worn on Fridays (exception in middle school)


Middle School (6th – 8th grades), In addition to the kindergarten – 5th grade guidelines above:

Item Description
Pants Colors: Navy, Khaki, (cannot be stretchy or jean material). Corduroy is acceptable. NO sweats or cargo pants (pants with pockets on the legs)
Polo shirt Same as the above mentioned colors
High Point Mascot T-shirts and sweatshirts May be worn any day of the week

Download dress code here

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