Non-Discrimination Policies

High Point Academy is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of disability, race, ancestry, creed, color, sex/gender, sexual orientation gender identity, religion, age, national origin, marital status, pregnancy status, veteran’s status, genetic information, or any other category protected by applicable law, in its employment practices or educational programs and activities.

Reasonable accommodation will be provided upon request for persons with disabilities. If you are a person with a disability who requires an accommodation to participate in the application process, please notify Human Resources at 303-217-5152.

The school is required to provide effective communication, including through the use of auxiliary aides and services, including interpreters, for persons with a hearing, vision, or speech disability who are not students, such as parents, relatives, and members of the public who seek to access, participate in, or benefit from the school’s services, programs or activities, whether in-person or online.

The school is not required to provide a particular auxiliary aid or service if the school can demonstrate that doing so would fundamentally alter the nature of a service, program, or activity, or that it would be an undue financial and administrative burden; though, the school’s obligation to provide an effective auxiliary aid or service, to the maximum extent possible, remains.

The school’s obligation to provide effective communication extends to the school’s services, programs, and activities, which may include:

      1. student registration,
      2. parent-teacher conferences,
      3. pre-scheduled meetings,
      4. ceremonies,
      5. performances,
      6. extracurricular events,
      7. athletic events,
      8. District-sponsored student and parent events,
      9. electronic communications, including video messaging, and,
      10. field trips and volunteer opportunities.

To request accommodations or auxiliary aides, please contact the School Administrator or coordinator overseeing the program or event. For questions or concerns, please contact your School Administrator.

To request an interpreter for a school event or program please contact your School Administrator in writing at least two weeks in advance of the event. If your request is not received two weeks prior to the event, the school will still make all efforts to provide accommodations and auxiliary services but may not be able to guarantee an interpreter for the event or program. For school events please contact the coordinator overseeing the event.

The school contracts with multiple interpreter agencies to provide state certified interpreters. If you prefer a specific interpreter agency or need more information regarding the agencies the school contracts with, please contact your School Administrator at 303-217-5152.

For all other accommodations and service requests for school events or programs, please contact your School Administration within a reasonable time, at least a week, prior to the event or program. Requests received out of the reasonable time frame may prevent the school from providing preferred or specific accommodations and services. For school events please contact the coordinator overseeing the event.

High Point Academy complies with Title IX and the implementing regulations.  Sexual harassment is recognized as a form of sex discrimination and thus a violation of the laws which prohibit sex discrimination. A learning environment that is free from sexual harassment shall be maintained. It shall be a violation of HPA Board Policy for any staff member to sexually harass students or for students to sexually harass other students.

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Colorado Coalition Against Sexual Assault – If you need or want help finding your local resource, contact *Please note, we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of emails sent to CCASA.

The Blue Bench (formerly RAAP) – At the Blue Bench, our mission is to eliminate sexual assault and diminish the impact it has on individuals, their loved ones and our community through comprehensive issue advocacy, prevention and care.

Project PAVE – Our mission is to end violence by empowering youth to build healthy relationships.