A charter school is a public school of choice. Charter schools receive funding the same way that traditional public schools do, yet they are free from many of the regulations that govern traditional public schools. Administrators at charter schools have more authority to make decisions about learning methodologies, curriculum, staff – essentially every aspect of the school. In exchange for greater autonomy, charter schools are subject to greater accountability. In other words, charter schools must prove that they are staying true to their mission, program, goals, etc.To learn more about charter schools, visit www.charterschoolcenter.org.

No. All charter schools, including High Point Academy, are tuition-free. The only exceptions are for preschool which require tuition because, like all public schools, we don’t receive funding from the state to cover these costs. Please visit our preschool page for details on preschool rates. To see if you qualify for free or reduced lunch, check out the federal income eligibility guidelines (on page 3 of the link).

At HPA, we use the Restorative Approach to dealing with conflict resolution that helps the child with taking responsibility and fixing the problem. This teaches the child how to deal with conflict in a healthy way in future situations. To learn more visit our Restorative Approach page.

Student activity fees cover the cost of activities like field trips and service learning projects. High Point Academy requires a student activity fee of $65 per student, per year. The preschool activity fee is $25.

The school hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

We require our K-8 students to wear uniforms to ensure that they focus less on outward appearances and more on character. We also hope to save parents money; uniforms are often less expensive than other types of children’s clothing.

We offer Physical Education, Spanish, Wellness, Technology, Art, and Music. Please check with your child’s teacher to determine the specials schedule for this quarter.

Please see our enrollment page for instructions on how to enroll at our school.