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Middle School Counselor

Vanessa Trayler



Elementary School Counselor

Sydney Costa





School Therapist
Tamara Graff LMFT
(303) 217-5152


Behavioral Specialist

Amy Lopez




Ariel Carey


Conrad Prososki

Counseling Mission and Vision at HPA

Counseling Mission

As High Point Academy’s Counselor and Therapist, our mission is to work under a comprehensive counseling program to advocate for and collaborate with ALL students from diverse cultural backgrounds (including but not limited to: race, ethnicity, disability, religion/spirituality, socioeconomic status, gender, and sexuality), their families, and the community in order to foster students’ academic, social-emotional, and professional growth to ensure ALL students become leaders in the diverse world in which we live.

Counseling Vision

Our vision as the Counseling Department at High Point Academy is to promote empowerment among ALL students to ensure they achieve academic excellence, become critical and creative thinkers, and to reach their full potential through the development and implementation of lifelong academic, social-emotional, and professional skills.


Smart Phone Safety

Noknok.  Who’s there?  Whisper a Secret on Line, Space Tag a Kik, Wechat your YikYak through Snapchat, and Poof, it’s gone!  Or is it?  Do you have any idea what any of this means?  While the last sentences probably don’t make much sense (to adults or kids alike), they contain the names of several new and old smartphone apps that can be used for chatting, instant messaging, or social networking.  Some have location services.  These may be helpful to parents arranging a play date, but frightening when your son or daughter just arranged to meet a stranger outside McDonald’s.

Read more about smartphone safety here.

Mental Health Resources for Youth

Love and Logic-for parents

Suicide Prevention Resources

Suicide Hotline
1-800-283-TALK (8255)

Youth Support Line (Colorado)
(303) 894-9000

Suicide Prevention and  Warning Signs


bullying image
For both parents and youth. This is a great resource to learn about the different types of bullying, how to prevent bullying, and how to respond to it.

Community Mental Health Resources

Here is a list of several mental health resources in the Denver metro area.

CPS Counseling Services at Regis University
No-cost, confidential therapy for individuals, couples, or families; play therapy for children, adolescents, and adults

Community Reach
Serves north metro Denver area; designated provider for anyone eligible for Medicaid who resides in Adams County

Aurora Mental Health
Community mental health center for Aurora residents

Denver Mental Health
Community mental health agency for Denver residents

Arapahoe Douglas Mental Health
Community mental health agency for Arapahoe/Douglass counties

Mental Health Partners
Serves Boulder, Broomfield counties

Jefferson Center for Mental Health
Serves Jefferson, Gilpin, and Clear Creek county residents

Judi’s House
Offers grief counseling to kids and teens

Arapahoe House
Focus on substance abuse treatment throughout Denver Metro area

Noeticus Counseling Center
Private, training counseling center, located in downtown Denver. Low-cost, sliding-fee scales

People House
Private, training counseling center, located in the Highlands neighborhood. Low-cost, sliding-fee scales

Forward Movement Counseling, LLC
Jackky Sirichantho MA, LMFTC, NCC

Individual Career and Academic Plan (Middle School)

Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) is a way for School Counselors in Colorado to encourage students to explore academic and career options so they are prepared for life after high school.

The following is a video that gives a clear depiction of what ICAP is all about:

For more information on ICAP:

College in Colorado

At HPA, we use Naviance as a resource for students to take assessments, create a resume, and develop a profile that they can use to fulfill their ICAP as they continue their education. Shea Johnson will work with students in their classrooms to complete some of their ICAP before leaving HPA.

The opportunities and resources available on College in Colorado are limitless! This is not only for students. It is also a great resource for adults!

Shea has also put together “ICAP folders” for every middle school student. This is a way for students to keep their ICAP test results and resources organized. The folders are also something that they can hold on to when they leave HPA.


View HPA’s Counseling Blog for up to date announcements and resources.

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