HPA Uniform Policy

All kindergarten through eighth grade students at High Point Academy will be required to wear uniforms. Parents are expected to monitor student dress to ensure compliance with the required uniform. Students not meeting the expectations of the school dress code may be required to call home and have a change of clothes brought to them. These students may be required to remain in the office until they can change. The following process will be used to enforce the HPA uniform policy:

  • Documented Warning
  • Parent notified to bring uniform for student
  • Official Write Up with consequence

*If there are repeated issues with compliance additional actions may be needed

Clothing TypeDescription
PantsIn the 22-23 school year, students must wear pants that are navy, khaki, or blue denim (of any shade). If pants have rips above the knee tights/leg covering must be worn so that no skin is showing.
Skorts, Shorts, SkirtsShorts / Skirts / Skorts / Dresses are to be no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee. They can be any of the approved paint colors.
ShirtsSolid white, navy blue, light blue, hunter green, gold, burgundy, or gray, long or short
sleeve shirts are allowed. Shirts should be a solid color without writing or logos unless it
is a High Point Academy logo. High Point Academy t-shirts are allowed. Shirts worn under cardigans, hoodies or sweatshirts must meet these requirements as well. Tank tops are not allowed.
ShoesRegular gym (athletic) shoes are the required shoes. As a part of our wellness policy
all students have structured recess to encourage physical activity. Students should
wear shoes that allow physical movement every day. Wheelies, flip flops, crocs, and open toed shoes are not allowed.
Tights, Vest, Cardigan,
All these items are allowed and should match any of the approved shirt colors: white, navy, hunter green, gold, burgundy, baby blue or gray.
Hoodies/Sweatshirts Students are allowed to wear hoodies if they are one of the school approved colors with no decoration/writing. High Point Hoodies are allowed as well.
AccessoriesHats and visors should not be worn in the school building. Belts of any color are okay; however, they must be solid, with no decorative buckles.
Dress Down DaysSchool staff may allow students to have dress down days, ONLY ON WEDNESDAYS. Teachers must inform all admin and Eva in writing prior to the dress down day and send an email to families. Dress down days should only be scheduled on Wednesday to allow our staff to support the school uniform policy more consistently.

* Updated Fall of 2022