Service Learning

Service Learning at High Point Academy: Taking Learning Outside of the Classroom

Our Service Learning Program allows the students of High Point Academy, Preschool through 8th Grade, the opportunity to take their learning outside the four walls of the classroom. This project based learning aligns with grade level state standards and allows students to research problems in their community they believe they can have a positive impact and effect on.

Grade level teams engage in activities to educate themselves, raise awareness of those around them, fundraise, and donate their time to make a difference towards these local issues. This allows for deeper student insight, dialogue and reflection by making a connection between what is learned in the classroom and what is occurring in their community. Take a look at all of the amazing things that are happening here at HPA!

2016-2017 Service Learning Projects

Preschool students are currently collecting travel sized toiletries for donation to a local women’s shelter. They are learning about how our community helps women and children in need. Thank you for helping our community Preschool!

Kindergarten has spent the year collecting empty printer cartridges for donation to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado. Students have been learning about the differences between wild animals and the pets that we have in our homes. They are doing studies on animal babies and their mother’s characteristics, their specific needs and individual habitats. Kindergarten students will go to the Denver Zoo for their field experience to see their specific animals of study! Kindergarten is also creating individual art work to fundraise for the Wild Animal Sanctuary. Stay tuned- ART FOR SALE!

First Grade has been studying community helpers and their roles in supporting our Green Valley Ranch citizens. Students have been writing thank you letters and drawing pictures to show how their families are supported by local community leaders. Thank you for showing support for our community and local helpers’ First Grade!

Third Grade launched their  Pennies for Patients Fundraiser and raised $2,260 in two weeks this year for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Third Grade challenged HPA to raise pennies to find a cure for all blood cancers, and improve the quality of life for Colorado and Wyoming patients and their families. Students utilized their graphing skills as they graph the totals weekly in math class. Students also applied their Empathy Unit to real life experiences faced by other children their age. They also wrote letters to children impacted by Leukemia & Lymphoma during Second Steps class time. Congratulations to the GIRLS for collecting the most money at HPA!

Fourth Grade raised money for their Service Learning Project by holding dress down days for HPA.  Students have been studying butterflies and their impact on our ecosystems. During the third quarter, they have been researching butterfly characteristics, habitat, food, life span, species, etc. Students used their research to make informative posters that were hung up in the school hallways. Great work educating HPA on Butterflies Fourth Grade!

Fifth Graders worked hard to collect empty water bottles for their school wide display to help raise awareness of the environmental and health impact of disposable water bottles. For weeks, you could see water bottles hung on the walls throughout the school with fact cards to help students, visitors, and staff better understand how plastic water bottles have changed us and our Earth.  Fifth Grade took their field experience to the Denver Zoo to study the Washed Ashore exhibit of art made from trash taken from our oceans. Thank you for the awesome visuals in our hallway Fifth Grade!

Eighth Grade students incorporated many areas of study into their Service Learning Project this year including Science, Language Arts, as well as Math. Eighth Grade began by investigating and raising awareness for a family member of one of our own HPA students. The family member had been diagnosed with Alexander’s Disease. In Science, the focus was on the genetics behind the disease.  In Math, students located and studied the statistics associated with the disease occurrences. In Language Arts, students have been reading and analyzing the testimonials from those affected by the disease. Eighth grade students raised over $365.00 for the family with Kindergarten raising the most money overall! Thank you HPA for supporting one of our own students and showing compassion for Alexander’s Disease and the Mighty Miss Meg Foundation!

High Point Academy is proud to be of service to each other, and all members of our community. We look forward to continuing our learning and contribution in the years to come!

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